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The Game:

Chuckie Egg will always be remembered as a great gaming classic, the fast gameplay combined with quirky controls allowed those with patience to master the egg collecting game.  Even when played now it is an enjoyable challenge & no matter how well you remember those levels its all to easy to slip up & lose a valuable life.

Unfortunately things went wrong after the first installment as Chuckie egg 2 attempted to bring the same gameplay into a multi-screen format.  This was clunky & unenjoyable to play & only the most hardened fans will bother to see it through.

For your enjoyment I have compiled a couple of downloads with Chuckie Egg games past & present, just follow the link below.


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Chuckie Egg Marketing Gallery:


Chuckie Egg 2 ANF Cover ArtChuckie Egg 2 PNC Cover ArtChuckie Egg 1 AdvertChuckie Egg 2 Advert



Chuckie Egg Walkthrough (ZX Spectrum):



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