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The Game:                Llamatron Mandy

What the hell is Llamatron? I hear you cry.  Well, if you'd have played it you certainly wouldn't have forgotten it.  Llamatron was a game brought to you by a bedroom programmer who went by the name ofLlamatron Gingers Llamasoft.  Essentially it is a homage to the early arcade classic of Robotron.

 In Robotron you controlled a robot through single screen waves of enemy bots attempting to rescue as many people in the process.  Sounds fair enough, but what set this apart from the competition was the unique control system of having two joysticks per player.   In one hand a joystick for shooting & in the other a joystick for running.  The ability to shoot in a different direction to running meant that gameplay Llamatron Ramcould be sped up to ludicrous levels of speed giving a huge adrenaline rush to the player. 

Llamatron is still that same game with the option of the same control system (although anchored joysticks are essential!) but with the graphics and sound changed for the most bizarre & surreal alternatives.  You control Llamatron, who is a Llama, & fight your way through wave upon wave of opponents including, Rizla Packets, Coke Cans, Demon Brains, Zombie Sheep & the awesome Screaming Mandelbrots, collecting as many innocent sheep as you can along the way.  To keep you entertained along the way are over the top samples including many clips from electro band Yello.  Once you've played this I guarantee you will be hooked & going back for more time & time again.  Look out for the Ozric Tentacle on level 99, its a killer.

For your entertainment pleasure I have the original Atari ST version of Llamatron available for download. Llamatron RobotsFollow the link below:Llamatron Hamburgers

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