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As those of you who have played the Micro-Machines series you will already know, they are simply the best party games ever.  Originally appearing on the Megadrive consoles the game evolved to their peak on the Sony Playstation with Micro Machines V3 & the lesser known Micro Maniacs.  With up to 8 players racing simultaneously there has never been a better excuse to own a ludicrous amount of controller pads, extension leads & Multi-Taps.  Every issue of the game has been outstanding bar the first PS2 effort, with dumbed down gameplay the new developers completely missed the point, aiming at the toddler market & ruining the fantastic franchise built up by CodeMasters over the years.  Codemasters have since corrected this mistake by releasing Micro Machines V4 for the PS2.  Perhaps giving the game the V4 tag despite it being the fifth outing is their admission to the appalling lapse in gameplay that was the fourth game.

For those of you who haven't played a micro machines game before you may be wondering how the hell 8 people can play a racing game at the same time without resorting to a tiny split screen affair.  It does this by introducing a unique gameplay that allows all players to compete on the one screen, as players get left behind they one by one drop out of the round until only one player is left.  Points are then given or taken for each player according to their performance & the cars or characters are reset at the same point in the track to continue the race & battle for the next set of points.  Whoever fills their point bar first then wins the race.

The cartoon graphics are perfect for the frantic racing involved & following the Micro theme involves racing miniature cars or people around larger than life environments, and what fun the environments are, showing a huge variation across a ludicrous quantity of tracks ensuring you never get bored.


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Micro Machines (PS2)
:         Don't Buy This Version - It's not fun

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