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Well I finally did it !!  My entire music collection on my website.

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C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat
MP3 - 1990

90's dance-pop
C&C Music Factory - Things that make you go Hmmm…
12" - Columbia / Sony - 656690-6 - 1991

A single from the above album
Caliban - The Undying Darkness
MP3 - 2006

Pretty competent heavy metal.  Not really my thing due to screaming vocal style.

Candlemass - Nightfall
LP/CDR - Axis Records - AXISLP3 - 1987 - with lyric sheets

Probably the weakest of the candlemass albums but it has its moments
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams
LP/CDR - Active Records - ACTLP7 - 1988 - with lyric sheets

Swedish doom metal with Operatic vocals.  Quite an enjoyable listen.
Candlemass - Tales of Creation
LP/CDR - Music For Nations - MFN95 - 1989 - Gatefold

A true concept album dealing with the circle of life.  From life, to death, to the afterlife, & to being reborn.  The strongest & most enjoyable of the Candlemass albums.
Candlemass - As It Is, As It Was
MP3 - Music For Nations - 1994

Compilation of the best Candlemass Tunes
Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields Forever
12" - Debut Records - DEBTXR3092 - 1989 - Raspberry Ripple Mix

A throwaway baggy band who released a remarkably good cover of the beatles favourite Strawberry Fields
Capdown - Civil Disobedients
MP3 - 2000

Haven't had this long but love the ska influenced sound.

Capdown - Pound For The Sound
MP3 - 2001

Haven't had this long but love the ska influenced sound.

Chaka Khan - This is My Night
12" - Warner - W9097T - 1984 - Dance Remix

Proper old school 80's disco
Chaka Khan, Rufus & - Ain't Nobody
12" - Warner - RCK1T - 1983

The strongest & most popular single from the 80's disco duo
Chaka Khan, Rufus & - Ain't Nobody Remix
12" - Warner - W2880T -1989 - Hallucinogenic mix

A late remix proving the longevity of the above single
Charlatans, The - Weirdo
MP3 - Beggars Banquet - 1992

Popular Baggy Indie
Charlatans, The - Melting Pot
MP3 - Beggars Banquet - 1998

Baggy indie that takes a long time to get into but is ultimately an enjoyable listen
Charlatans, The - Us & Us Only
MP3 - MCA - 1999

Baggy indie that takes a long time to get into but is ultimately an enjoyable listen
Chemical Brothers - Surrender
Chemical Brothers - Surrender
CD - Freestyle / Virgin - XDUSTCD4 - 1999

A Classic Album

Cherry, Neneh - Raw Like Sushi
MP3 - Virgin - 1999

Late 90's pop that sprung a couple of hit singles
Chimaira - Pass Out Of Existence
CD - RoadRunner Records - R1237.2 / 12-084772 - 2001

Showing my lack of modern metal knowledge I'm not quite sure how to classify this.  Wikipedia describe it as 'mainly groove metal, tied-along with metalcore, industrial metal, nu metal, and death metal' 
Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason
CD - RoadRunner Records - RR-8397-92003 - Enhanced CD With Video

This is my favourite of the Chimaira albums probably due to a more melodic production
Chimaira - Chimaira
CD - Roadrunner Records / The All Blacks - BV168-618-262-2 - 2005

More uncompromisingly heavy metal.
Clapton, Eric - 461 Ocean Boulevard
LP - RSO Records / Polydor - 2479-118-Deluxe - 1974 - Gatefold

Eric Clapton is a legend guitar player whot really shouldn't need an introduction.  I found this album a much more enjoyable than I expected from an old blues rocker.
Clapton, Eric - The Best of

A great compilation of Clapton classics
Clash, The - London Calling
CDR - Columbia / Sony - CB701 / 495347-2 - 1999 (1979)

This is my most picked up & put down album in record shops, knowing it's great reputation but always finding some else I wanted more.   When I finally did obtain a copy I agree that its a great album with a heap of highy influential tracks.  The drum beats & basslines from this punk influenced rock album have been emulated throughout 80's & 90's pop & can be heard in a range of successful hits from The SOS bands Just Be Good To Me through to Garbage's debut hit Stupid Girl.
Clawfinger - Deaf, Dumb, Blind
CDR - 1993

A fantastic Rap Metal album that I'm surprised to discover comes from Sweden.  The album kicks off  with Pantera like energy levels repeatedly screaming the word Nigger at you, which on the surface seems to be pure racism, but all is not as it seems with this band & upon listening to the lyrics of Nigger you discover an anti-hate & anti-racist track that introduces you to a high energy album of political comment.
Clawfinger - Use Your Brain
CD - East West / Warner - 4509-99631-2 - 1995

Another enjoyable Rap Metal album with a slighter harder edge to it's predecessor.
Clawfinger - Clawfinger
CDR - MVG / Warner - 3984-22623-2 - 1998 Includes Remix CD

Another high energy album packaged with a CD of competent industrial remixes.
Hate Yourself With Style
Clawfinger - Hate Yourself With Style
CD/DVD - Nuclear Blast - 7-27361-15505-6 - 2005 - Cardboard Case

An album packaged with a DVD of the Greenfiel Festival 2005 & a selection of music videos.
Can't help but feel the lyrics on this outing have gotten a little too 'preachy'

Clutch - Blast Tyrant
CDR - DRT Entertainment 2004

Another Zakk Wylde project.  Good but not riveting
Coalchamber - Coalchamber
CDR - RoadRunner Records - 1997

A surprisingly popular debut metal album, highly influenced by the heavier Korn.  With a healthy dollop of humour & tracks that don't take themselves to seriously I find this a hugely enjoyable listen.
Coalchamber - Chamber Music
CD - Roadrunner Records / The All Blacks  - BVRR-8659-5 / 8086595RR - 1999 - Cardboard Case

Taking a harder & more serious approach this is a heavier outing that is still commendable but not as enjoyable as their earlier output
Coalchamber - Dark Days - Special Limited Edition
CD - Roadrunner Records - RR8484-9 - 2002 - Gloss Black Printed Case

Heavier again & beautifully packaged in a slick & shiny black jewel case with the artwork emebedded in white.
Collins, Phil - Face Value
LP - Virgin - V2185 - 1981 - Gatefold
MP3 - Divine Recordings - 1981

OK so this is middle aged rock, but old Phil does know how to turn out a great track here & there
Collins, Phil - In The Air Tonight
12" - Virgin - VST102 - 1988 - Extended / 88 Remix

Possibly Phil's most popular single powered by a huge & unforgettable drum track.

Collins, Phil - Two Hearts
12" - Virgin - VST11141 - 1988 - with Postcard Set

A slighty twee but great single
Collins, Phil - Another day in Paradise
12" - Virgin - VST1234 - 1989

Another epic single
Connick Jr, Harry - She
MP3 - Columbia / Sony - 476816-2 / 01-476816-10 - 1994

Really not the kind of music you would associate with my tastes, but swayed by an imppeccable production & an enjoyable fusion of swing, big band & a fine crooning voice, I do find this a fine & enjoyable album.
Connick Jr, Harry - Star Turtle
MP3 - Columbia / Sony - 484326-2 / 01-484326-10 - 1996

A fine follow up much in the same vein as She, but with a little more swing.
Cooper, Alice - Killer
MP3 - Warner Bros - 1971

I'm not a huge fan of Alice Cooper & I often find his music surprisingly theatrical, but he is a legend of rock who knows how to put on a great live show.
Cooper, Alice - Schools Out
MP3 - Warner Bros - 1972

70's theatrical heavy rock
Cooper, Alice - Welcome To My Nightmare
MP3 - Rhino - 1975

70's theatrical heavy rock
Cooper, Alice - The Beast of Alice Cooper
LP - Warner - 241-781-1 - 1981

A compilation of Alice's 70's career
Cooper, Alice - Constrictor
MP3 - MCA - 1986

Now 80's Alice cooper is more my era & there are some great tracks on this album.  It is pure metal with all the theatrical influences ditched.
Cooper, Alice - Raise Your Fist & Yell
MP3 - MCA - 1987

More modernised Cooper
Cooper, Alice - Poison
MP3 - Epic - 1989

A fantastic track that proved Alice was still a legend many years on
Corrosion of Conformity - Deliverence
CDR - 1994

I don't know a huge amount about CoC but somewhere aling the line I picked up a copy of this album.  It does have its moments & Clean My Wounds is a stunning single.
Cranberries, The - Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We
CD - Island - CID8003 / 514-156-2 - 1992

Enjoyable quirky Irish Pop Rock
Cranberries, The - No Need To Argue
CD - Island - CID8029 / 524050-2 - 1994

Enjoyable quirky Irish Pop Rock
Cranberries, The - Bury The Hatchet
CD - Island - 524-644-2 - 1999

This album has a fare bit more energy than it's predecessors making it my favourite of the 3
Cream - Wheels of Fire
LPx2 - Polydor - 583-031/2 - 1968 - Gatefold, Stereo

Cream made some great 60's rock albums with this special 2 disc pressing containing a whole side of Ginger Baker drum solo
Disraeli Gears Cream - Disraeli Gears
CD - Polydor / Polygram - 531-811-2 - 1997 (1967) - Remastered

A great 60's rock album from the first rock supergroup.  Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker & Jack Bruce
Cream - Fresh Cream
Cream - Fresh Cream
CD - Polydor / Polygram - 530-810-2 - 1997 (1967) - Remastered

A great 60's rock album from the first rock supergroup.  Not as snappy & more indulgant than Disraeli Gears

Cure, The - Staring at the Sea: The Singles
CD - Fiction - 829-239-2 - 1986

The cure are one of those bands who's albums I find dreary but whos singles I absolutely love.  This makes this singles compilation an absolute gem.

One of my all time favourite albums 
Cure, The - Greatest Hits

Self Explanitory

Cure, The - Acoustic Hits

I'm not a big fan of Acoustic sets as I'm constantly thinking 'This track is great when it's played properly'

Cure, The - Disintegration

Not had this long.  Needs more listening

Cure, The - Faith

Not had this long.  Needs more listening

Curiosity Killed The Cat - Keep Your Distance
LP/CDR - Curio Sounds / Virgin / Warner - CAT-LP1 - 1987

This album is a guilty pleasure that I completely overlooked as a kid, but Curiosity must have imprinted themselves firmly in my subconscious as when hearing this album 20 years later I was absolutely hooked.

One of my all time favourite albums 

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