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Well I finally did it !!  My entire music collection on my website.

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Gabriel, Peter - So
CDR - 1986

A highly acclaimed album from the former Genisis frontman that launched a few of stunning singles.
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
CD - Mushroom / BMG - D1199 - 1995

A great single from the album Garbage
Garbage - Garbage
CD - Mushroom / BMG - D31450 - 1995
LPx2 - Mushroom Records - L31450 - 1995

A fantastic debut album of pop-grunge, helped a great deal by the studio experience of band member Butch Vig who produced Nirvana's Nevermind.
Garbage - Version 2.0
CD - Mushroom / BMG - 74321-55410-2-8 - 1998

Tthe second album has a much more electronic inluence while retaining the enjoyable catchy songwriting of the first.
Garbage - Push It
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH28CDS - 1998 
Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH35CDS - 1998 
Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH35CDSX - 1998 
Garbage - Special
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH39CDS - 1998 
Garbage - Special
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH39CDSX - 1998 
Garbage - When I Grow Up
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH43CDS - 1998 
Garbage - When I Grow Up
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH43CDSX - 1998 
Garbage - Live Edition
CD - Mushroom / EMI - TRASH-3-2 - 1998 - Promo Copy - Cutout Card Cover

An unreleased live promo direct from EMI.  The image here isn't the correct cover, is is a plain white card sleeve with the corner cut off in curves, much in the vein of the I Think I'm Paranoid releases.
Garbage - You Look So Fine
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH49CDS - 1999 
Garbage - You Look So Fine
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle - MUSH49CDSX - 1999 
Garbage - Beautiful Garbage
CD - Mushroom / Pinnacle  -MUSH95-CD - 2001

Another great album with a slightly more modernised sound.
MarvinGaye - What's Going On
Gaye, Marvin - What's Going On
mp3 - 1971
General Patton Vs. The Xecutioners - Joint Special Operations Task Force
CD - IPECAC Recordings - IPC 602005 - US Import - Cardboard Case

This is a fantastic Mike Patton project produced with the Xecutioners & is perhaps best described as a hip hop version of Mr Bungle.  Laden with film samples & Mike's sublime vocals this is an enjoyable listen.

One of my all time favourite albums 
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
LPx2 - The Famous Charisma Label - CGS101 - 1974

Haven't listened to this much but have been intending to explore more Genesis for a while.  Have enjoyed the odd listen but not fully gripped.
Genesis - Invisible Touch
LP / CDR - Charisma / Virgin - GEN-LP1 - 1986

One of the later Genesis releases & much more conventional pop-rock.  I really enjoy listening to this album & remember it being popular on the radio at the time.
Global Comunication - 76 14
CD - Dedicated - DEDCD-014 - 1994

An obscuro album bought on an Amazon recommendation, this is a surprisingly good ambient album.  Low on beats but high on atmosphere this is a real grower.  The album title 76 14 is followed through to the tracklisting where every track is named simply by it's playing time, a message from the artist that the music is more important than any narrative.
Go West - Go West
LP/CDR - Chrysalis - CHR1495 - 1985

Also released by the name 'Bangs & Clashes' this is underrated, perhaps due to it's cheesy 80's production.  Despite the cheese, it is a fantastic album that I still play reguilarly.
Go West - The King Is Dead
EP - Chrysalis - GOWL-6-LP - 1987 - Live Album

An enjoyable live compilation.
G.O.L. - Sensations Of Tone
CDR - Beyond Records - Out Of Print - Original copies worth 80+

Like many of the bands from Beyond Records this album is extremely hard to come by & due to it's high collectors value I settled for a FLAC download converted over to CD.  It's baffles me why no-one has re-licenced the Beyond Records artists as they are some of the best examples of Ambient Dub to come out of the 90's.  G.O.L. (Gods Of Luxury) offer a mellow ambient sound with haunting vocals that is a joy to listen to.
Goldfrapp - Supernature
MP3 - Mute - 2005

Quirky Pop from the noughties
Goldie - Timeless
CDx2 - FFR Records - 828-614-2 - 1995

It sounds impossible for a jungle album to be timeless but Goldie has done a stunning job here.  This album has outlived it's genre by some margin & still holds it's ground today.  This is the extended 2 disc release with an appreciable collection of extra tracks bulking out the playing time & in places is truly sublime.
Goldie - Ring of Saturn
CDR - FFR Records - 570-353-2 - 1998

Some good material here but a little over indulgent in places
Goldie - SaturnzReturn
CDR - FFR Records - 828-990-2 - 1998

Some good material here but a little over indulgent in places
Goldie - Mother / Truth
CDR - FFR Records - 1998

Some good material here but a little over indulgent in places
Alien - Original Soundtrack Album
Goldsmith, Jerry - Alien: Original Soundtrack Album
LP - RCA - T-593 - 1979

As performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra
Gorillaz - Gorillaz
CD - Parlaphone / EMI - 7243-534488-0-6 - 2001

An enjoyable pop album from the ex Blur frontman.
Gorillaz - Demon Days
MP3 - Virgin - 2005

An enjoyable pop album from the ex Blur frontman.
Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
CD - Stomp / Replay Records - 2006

A great indie rock album with an enjoyably raw production.  It is testament to Beth Ditto's talent that her vocal performance is presented here with zero processing & still sounds so great. 
Gossip - Downloads

Compilation of downloaded tracks

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 -
The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 On The Wheels Of Steel

CD 3" - Castle Communications - CD3-2 - 1988 - 3" Ltd Edition with Original Adaptor Ring

A true classic of 80's hip hop with suprisingly meaningful lyrics.  An inspiration for countless artists who followed.  This edition is a 3" CD single complete with the original adaptor ring for non compatible players.
Green Day - Dookie
CD - Reprise / Warner - 9362-45529-2 - 1994

It's easy to forget how fresh & original Green Day & stable mates Offspring were in their early days.  They have been hugely influential in the direction of popular rock bands with a plethora of imitators.  Dookie is a great album from the origins of the genre.
Green Day - International Superhits
Green Day - International Superhits
CD - Reprise / Warner - 9362-48145-2 - 2001

Compilation of early albums.
Green Day - American Idiot
CD - Reprise - 093624877721 - 2004

Slightly more modern but retaining the positive energy of the earlier albums
Guns n' Roses - Use Your Illusion II
MP3 - Geffen / MCA - GED24420 / 424-420-2 - 1991

I'm really not a Guns & Roses fan, mainly because I can't stand the screeching vocals & arrogance of Axl Rose, an irritating front man can totally wreck a band for me.  However, this is a hugely influencial album & Slash does write some great licks.

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