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Well I finally did it !!  My entire music collection on my website.

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Kaiser Cheifs - Employment
MP3 - 2005

Not a huge fan but some pretty competent modern rock
Kaiser Cheifs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
MP3 - 2007

Not a huge fan but some pretty competent modern rock
Kansas - Downloads
MP3 - Self Compiled

Some very cheesy glam rock here, but some surprisingly good guitar work also.
Kings Of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood
MP3 - 2003

Modern rock from the US of A.  The earlier material definitely has more of a country twang to it.
Aha Shake Heartbreak Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
CD - Hand Me Down / Sony BMG - HMD29 / 82876656352 - 2004

Modern Rock
Because Of The Times Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times
CD - Hand Me Down / Sony BMG - HMD52 / 88697077412 - 2007

Quite a dark affair compared to the other albums, very enjoyable
Kings Of Leon - Only by the Night
CD - Sony Music / RCA - 88697351992 - 2008

A fantastic album of modern rock, this has grown on me enormously since first hearing it.
Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull
Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull
CD - Sony Music / RCA - 88883-76822-2 - 2013 - Cardboard Case

Modern rock.
Kinks, The - Sunny Afternoon
LP - Marble Arch records / PYE - MAL716 - 1967 - Mono Pressing

The Kinks are legends.  So many great tunes.  The mono pressing is a bit weak though.
Kinks, The - You Really Got Me
LPx2 - Vogue PIP / PRT Records - VG201 / 509017 - 1979 - French Import

Much better quality pressing here & some great tracks.  Includes the original version of Lola before the lyrics were changed following BBC's refusal to play it.
It's The Kinks
Kinks, The - Hit Singles
CD - Castle Pie - PIESD-134 - 1999

Kinks singles compilation.
Kinks, The - Hit Singles
MP3 - 2004

An awesome compilation of Kinks singles.  Seriously though, that cover is attrocious, I sincerely hope some better artwork is produced for future copies.
KLF, The - Burn The Bastards
12" - KLF Communications - KLF002T - 1987

This is more in the vein of earlier JAMS releases than KLF & as such is pretty average.
KLF, The - What Time Is Love? - Live at Trancentral
12" - KLF Communications - KLF004X - 1990

A great 90's anthem, pretty dated now but still a good listen.
What Time Is Love Remodelled & Remixed KLF, The - What Time Is Love? - Remodelled & Remixed
12" - KLF Communications - KLF004Y - 1990

Rather annoyingly it turns out that the record inside this cover is actually KLF008X
KLF, The - Chill Out
CDR - KLF Communications - TVT7155 - 1990 - Import

A very competent ambient album with very few beats.  Influenced greatly by the 'Space' colaboration with artists who later formed the Orb
KLF, The - The White Room
LP/CDR - KLF Communications - JAMSLP006 - 1991

Now this is where the KLF really show what they can do.  A great album that combines the very commercial singles with some great album tracks.  This flows vey smoothly & is a great listen.
KLF, The - 3.A.M. Eternal - The Moody Boys Selection
12" - KLF Communications - KLF005Y - 1991

Another great dance hit.
KLF, The - Last Train From Trancentral - Live From The Lost Continent
12" - KLF Communications - KLF008X - 1991

A great re-issue of a great single.

KLF, The - Justified & Ancient - Wonder Whip
12" - KLF Communications - KLF99X - 1991

Probably the weakest of the singles, famous for the guest appearance of country star Tammy Wynette.
KLF, The - Twelve Inches Of The KLF
CDR - 1987-1991 - Self Compiled

Compilation of KLF 12" releases
Korn Korn Korn - Korn
CD - Immortal / Epic - 4780802 - 1994

Haven't listened to this much yet. Will come back to this one

Korn - Life Is Peachy
CD - Epic / Sony - 485-369-6 - 1996

A great album. slightly tongue in cheek, greatly enjoyable.
Korn - Follow The Leader
Korn - Follow The Leader
CD - Immortal / Epic - 4912212 - 1998

Another recent addition, will come back to this one
Korn - Issues
CD - Sony International - 1999

Strangely I wasn't hugely into this album when I bought it, but it has grown into a firm favourite in recent years. A fantastic album & my favourite of the Korn Releases.
Korn - Untouchables
CD - Epic / Immortal - 501770-2 - 2002

Similar in sound to Issues but not as engaging.
Korn Live & Rare
Korn - Untouchables
CD - Epic / Sony BMG / Immortal - 82876822472 - 2006
Kraftwerk - Autobahn
MP3 - Astralwerks - 1974

Kraftwerk were pioneers of electronic music genre & a huge influence on all electronic music since.  It's difficult to appreciate just how groundbreaking this was at the time but this was the first time music had been created solely with electronic instruments & computers.  They were even featured on the BBC's hugely popular future technology series Tomorrows World.  Still a great listen today retaining much of it's charm.
Kraftwerk - Computer World
MP3 - EMI - 1982

More pioneering electronic music.
Kraftwerk - The Mix
MP3 - Elektra - 1991

Compilation of Karaftwerk material
Kraftwerk - Tribal Gathering
MP3 - Bootleg - 1997 - Live recording from Luton

An enjoyable live romp every bit as enjoyable as the studio material
Kraftwerk - The Man Machine
MP3 - Capitol - 2003

Still going!!
Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum
MP3 (2-disc) - EMI - 2005

Another live album
Kravitz, Lenny - Are You Gonna Go My Way
MP3 - Virgin Records - 1993

A great single from a talented musician.  Give him an instrument & he'll play it.

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