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Epiphone Flying V Epiphone Flying V

This was my second guitar purchased from Chappels after a brief stint with a dreadful Encore.  The difference was immediate & improved my playing straight away.  The fixed bridge makes this a very easy & forgiving guitar to play & is a great place to start.
BC Rich Iron Bird
BC Rich Iron Bird

I picked up this Iron Bird cheap from ebay & although it had sustained a few knocks in it's time it still plays great.  Sound wise it's not too dissimilar to the Epiphone but it does have the advantage of a Floyd Rose bridge & tremelo arm 
Jackson Randy Rhoads V
Jackson Randy Rhoads V

I have always loved the design of this guitar so finding an Ex-Demo model going for a good price on eBay made me very happy.  This is a fantastic sounding guitar & far exceeds the performance of both the Epiphone & BC Rich.   It picks up every nuance in your playing which can be demanding for the amateur player, but when you get it right it sounds awesome.
Yamaha Bass Yamaha Bass

I bought this on the spur of the moment & although I'm not really a bass player I do enjoy playing now & then.  I find bass guitar more physically demanding than guitar but due to it's more simplistic nature it is much easier to jam with.  I also found that playing bass improved the use of my little finger due to the wider frets, something which I then took back to regular guitar playing.
Gator Extreme

If like me you have a taste for extreme guitars you will have found it extremely difficult to buy a case that fits.  The Gator extreme is huge but needs to be to fit a wide range of extreme guitars & is supplied with over 30 velcro inserts specifically designed to match each guitar.  All of my guitars fit in this case comfortably including the longer Bass.
Boss GT8

In my early years I avoided multi-effects pedals due to their attrocious sound, but over the years things have improved dramatically.  The GT8 has twin processors with hugely customisable settings allowing multple effects to be layered on top of each other, & with perserverance sounds fantastic
Marshall Stack

Pratice amps never given me a satisfactory sound so I am very glad to have my Marshall stack.  It goes ludicrously loud & sounds fantastic.  The on board reverb & overdrive are good enough that it still sounds great without any additional effects pedals.


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