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Anyone who bought into the first Playstation will no doubt have heard of Wipeout if not played it.  It's status as a launch game on the Sony console & it's groundbreaking performance made the Wipeout name synonymous with the Playstation.  Along with this it was also the first franchise to include a fully licensed soundtrack of big name dance outfits, this proved so popular that it also spawned the first game soundtrack CD's to be released onto the market.  Over the years the title was modified & refined & its true to say that never a duff game was released.  If any criticisms are to be made, it is the fact that to beginners, this game is rock hard.  To the seasoned gamer this is actually a positive attribute as it provides an awesome challenge with a real feel of accomplishment as you work your way through the leagues & challenges.

So for those of you who have never heard of Wipeout, what is it all about?  Set in the future, this is a no holds barred hover-ship racing organisation where speed, control & cutthroat attacks on your opponents are required to win the day.  This is the best adrenaline rush available & will provide years of entertainment.

wipEout (PS1):

WipEout Cover PS1WipEout Cover PS1
WipEout Cover PCWipEout Cover Sega Saturn

wipEout 2097 (PS1):

WipEout 2097 Cover PS1WipEout 2097 CD CoverWipeout 2097 Cover PCWipEout 2097 Cover Saturn

wipEout 3 & wipEout 3 Special Edition (PS1):

WipEout 3 Cover PS1WipEout 3SE Cover PS1WipEout 3SE Cover PS1WipEout 3SE Zoom

wip3out (PS1):

Wip3out Cover PS1Wip3out CD CoverWip3out Cover JapanWip3out Cover Japan

wipEout Fusion (PS2):

WipEout Fusion PS2WipEout Fusion CatcWipEout Fusion Ship

wipEout Pure (PSP):

WipEout Pure Cover PSPWipEout Pure Cover PSPWipEout Pure Start

WipEout HD & HD Fury (PS3):

Wipeout HDWipeout HD Fury
Wipeout HD Ship


Angeldust The Games - Wipeout